DR. BRUNO CURINALDI (1854.–1944.): Od Zadra preko Mostara do Sarajeva

  • Ivica Vučak


Dr Curinaldi was a fortunate combination of Italian background, Austro-Hungarian education, and life in a Croatian community where Catholicism met Islam. In a word, he was a genuine European multicultural intellectual. Ninety years of life and sixty-six years of medical career from Zadar to Mostar and to Sarajevo at the turn of the 20th century speak not only about his personal development and dilemmas, but also about social turmoils of the times. His life teaches us that a physician, in addition to his calling to always strive to help the sick and weak, must never forget his role of educator and active member of the community.

Key words: History of medicine, 19th century, 20th century, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Zadar, Mostar, Sarajevo