• Eduard Pavlović


Vladimir Hudolin was born in Ogulin in 1922 and died in Zagreb in 1996. He was one of the best students of the Sušak grammar school and distinguished himself in a Catholic youth association Domagoj. In 1940, he moved to Zagreb to study medicine. In 1948 he graduated, and in 1951 specialised in psychiatry. His field of expertise was social psychiatry, alcohology in particular. In developing his own original preventive and remedial programmes, he much relied on the concepts of Community Psychiatry and alike, and managed to encourage their implementation on a variety of community levels, from local to national. His concept was recognised in a number of countries around the world; over 650 articles speak about how successful it was. This article focuses on Vladimir Hudolin's grammar school years in Sušak, proposing that      particular circumstances and figures from his formative years played a key role in his humanistic and scientific development. Early on it was his social activity in the Catholic youth association Domagoj and Bonifacije Perović, a theologist-sociologist who was a member of the Croatian Catholic Movement. The key figures who made him aware of the alcoholism issue were Fran Gudrum, Mirko Čunko, Maksimilijan Benković, Andrija Štampar, Josip Šilović, and the Bishop of Senj Josip Marušić. Regardless of the controversies and controversial activities of some of the members of the Croatian Catholic Movement between the two world wars, there is no doubt that this movement has played a major role in the development of one of the most distinct figures in world alcohology, Vladimir Hudolin.

Key words: History of medicine, 20th century, Alcohology, Vladimir Hudolin, Croatian Catholic Movement, Croatia.