• Marija Počivavšek


In Celje, the first pharmacist is mentioned as early as 1578, among the first cities in Styria. In the 16th century, provincial classes hired and paid for the so-called provincial pharmacists and also monitored their work. Until the 19th century, pharmacists were considered tradesmen, then the public character of the profession changed: a court decree from 1820 required university education in pharmacy or chemistry. Since pharmacy trade was licensed and the number of pharmacies regulated, there was only one pharmacy in Celje for many years (pharmacy Pri orlu). The next two pharmacies were opened only after lengthy efforts: in the first half of the 17th century the second one (pharmacy Pri Mariji Pomagaj) and only in 1922 the third one (pharmacy Pri križu). After Wold War II, all private pharmacies were nationalized; in 1968 a public institute The pharmacies
of Celje was established. In February 2009, the Museum of Recent Histoy Celje opened a museum pharmacy, which gives visitors an opportunity to experience the middle-class lifestyle from the time before World War II.

Key words: the history of pharmacy, pharmacies, museum collections, Celje, Slovenia