• Ljubomir Radovančević
  • Eduard Pavlović


Srećko Marač was born in Sušak in 1921 and died in Zagreb in 1990. Having completed the Sušak grammar school, he moved to Padua and later to Zagreb to study medicine. During WW2 he dropped the studies and joined the antifascist resistance known as the People’s Liberation War. After the war, he completed medical studies in Zagreb. He worked as army physician in Bjelovar and in the Military Hospital in Zagreb. He specialised in psychiatry and practiced psychotherapy in the former Zagreb Mental Health Centre. In 1973, he published his first selection of poems wrought over a long time, with a simple title Pjesme (Poems). The aim of this article was to take a better look at this 1973 collection, see its structure and composition, its content, moods, and ways it communicates to the reader. The collection consists of five parts: Ad tyrannos, Iz partizana (from Resistance), Lutanja/ traženja/snovi… (Roamings, Quests, Dreams…), Satire i kušanja humora (Satire and Attempts at Humour), and More/brda i domovina (Sea, Hills, and Homeland). Instead of a conclusion, this article proposes to save this wonderful and compassionate poetphysician from oblivion.

Key words: Srećko Marač, psychiatry, poetry