STANKO KLISKA (1896. – 1969.) arhitekt bolnice u Sušaku

  • Eduard Pavlović
  • Ivan Pavlović


Aim: This paper is to show that the hospital in Sušak, Rijeka has been built on modern principles of hospital building during, even though it is seventy-odd years old. Material and methods: The paper relies on published texts and illustrations about the hospital in Sušak and about its architect Stanko Kliska. Results: Designing the hospital, architect Stanko Kliska focused on the needs of the patient He has built it using simple materials, seeking to meet all requirements imposed by function and the surroundings. The hospital in Sušak has a three-storey building with
a cellar and a roof terrace. The hospital is about one hundred metres long and is divided in two aisles. Its front faces south-west. Patient rooms look to the south. Other accessory and operating rooms look to the north. The hospital has three wide stairways;
one runs in the middle and other on the sides of the building central hall. Conclusion: There is no doubt that the hospital in Sušak, Rijeka is a product of modern architectural design. Since 1934, with its impressive vista, it has been regarded as a rehabilation center rather than any of the contemporary hospitals of the turn of the 21st century.

Key words: architecture, hospital, Stanko Kliska, Hospital Sušak, Croatia