• Danijela Tomić


On 20 May 2007, Rijeka University School of Medicine celebrated the 90th birthday of Prof. Nikola Korin MD., Ph.D, the School's first professor of the history of medicine and a founding father of the Croatian Scientific Society for the History of Medical Culture. Visibly moved by congratulations and best wishes, professor Korin addressed the audience in his own unique way, by delivering a memorable lecture on the history of medicine. He brought to life memories of his native Ludbreg, his grammar school days in Varaždin and undergraduate years in Zagreb, where he first took the diploma in pharmacy, and later in medicine. He has lived in Rijeka since 1946, starting his career as the head of a sanitary and epidemiological station, and later moved to "Braća dr. Sobol" Hospital, where he gradually advanced from novice surgeon to the position of head Trauma Unit until retirement in 1985. From 1956, he had also pursued career at Rijeka School of Medicine, going the distance from assistant professor to research advisor and full professorship. Along the way he fell in love with the history of medicine and became its first full professor at Rijeka University School of Medicine. This love inspired him and a group of his friends and colleagues to establish the Croatian Scientific Society for the History of Medical Culture. The birthday celebration culminated in the cake and sparkling wine.