Dr Franz Tripold (1865-1956), one of the most important pioneer physicians in Opatija/Abbazia

  • Janez Fischinger
  • Aleš Fischinger
  • Duša Fischinger


Dr Tripold was one of the first Austrian physicians to practice in Opatija. He graduated from Karl-Franzens University in Graz in 1889 and moved to Opatija in 1891. Along with his medical practice, Tripold was the head physician of the Volunteer Fire Brigade and Rescue Society of Opatija and meteorological observer. In 1906, he published a climatological study entitled Das Klima von Abbazia (The Climate of Opatija), which was based on his own 8-year observations of the weather conditions and the 12-year observations done by his predecessor, E. Krainz. In 1908, he was appointed Imperial Counsellor by the Austrian emperor. For his medical practice in Opatija, Dr Tripold received several foreign awards, and the Viennese Volunteer Rescue Society appointed him its honorary member. The Tripolds moved to Turin in 1947. He was buried there at Cimitero monumentale. Opatija, Town-Museum of Central Europe, a project designed to identify and reunite old friends, has honoured the memory of Dr Tripold by including him in a poster of the ten most famous citizens of Opatija, and the fire station in Opatija placed a plaque on the wall in his honour.

Keywords: history of medicine; 19th and 20th century; Dr Franz Tripold; Abbazia/Opatija