Pokušaji krčkog biskupa Ivana Antuna Sintića (1792. – 1837.) u liječenju otrovnih zmijskih i drugih životinjskih ujeda i uboda – od intuitivne slutnje do znanstvenog osporavanja

  • Franjo Velčić


This manuscript describes an attempt to treat snake and other animal bites using an ointment made of a plant Aster atticus (sternkraut, of the family Aster). The recipe for this ointment had passed from an Istrian Bernardo Alessandri to bishop Ivan Anton Sintić at the end of the 18th century. At the request by the Austrian administration of the Province of Zadar, Sintić published a booklet on how to prepare the plant and use it, and the administration distributed the booklet to local practitioners. Encouraged by the new therapy, physician Srećko Randić of Bakar, took it for the subject of his doctoral dissertation, an published it in Vienna in 1840. However, the efficiency of this therapy was disputed by the new island of Krk physician Ivan Krstitelj Kubić after years of follow up and investigation.

Keywords: Ivan Antun Sintić; Bernardo Alessandri; Ivan Krstitelj Kubić; Srećko Randić; Aster atticus (sternkraut)